about me
Cherry Lips

Cherry Lips

Actress / Editor

Hello my name is Mia.

I am a video editor and lead actress in all of our videos. I am also the Community manager for all of this.

Bruno Lips

Bruno Lips

Actor / Screenwriter

Hello my name is Bruno.

I am an actor, director (When Mia leaves me) and writer of our videos.

about me

Well, what to tell you about us

Nothing better to start a good about what to say that we are a couple from Spain a little exhibitionists.

We love that they see us having relationships with each other and we love it when you comment on the videos to interact with you and what you think.

Cherry is in charge of social networks and the one who will respond if you write to her, although keep in mind that Bruno has access and we usually comment on what happened.

We can seem a little divos or unfriendly on the different platforms because we do not usually answer private messages but everything has an explanation.

It turns out that there are many of you who write to us and I don’t have time to reply to all of you. I like that if someone takes the trouble to write to me, answer them and since I am very frustrated not being able to do so, I have preferred to close that communication channel and leave the mail or comments open where everyone can see and interact.

Another reason is because sending nude photos is exaggerated. I don’t really understand why but it happens, on platforms like xhamster that allows you to send photos privately and every day I received like 100 photo cocks that I had not requested and in the end it becomes a bit unpleasant.

If you have something to tell us in private, the contact form on the web is open, you can see here where we can talk privately in case you have any questions that you do not want people to see.

We may seem like an exchange partner but it is not like that at all, we do not shoot with people outside the marriage, nor do we meet to have sex with other people, although that does not mean that if you want to dedicate yourself to this we can advise you with our experience. But we do not sell our body, only our image.

We have free videos and paid videos, if you want to support us and you don’t have money, the best thing you can do is click on like in the video you like, since that makes the video can appear on the cover of the different platforms and thus finance us with the publicity it generates.

Of course, if you buy any video or underwear, I guarantee that I will love you forever because we use 100% of that income to buy clothes, makeup, camera improvements, etc.

Ah, tell all your friends that we are here, that the more visits, the more revenue in advertising.

What else to tell you about us? Well, we try to shoot the videos with the greatest possible reality. The orgasms are totally real, the knowing glances too and surely you feel very identified with us because it is all real, the only thing invented are the stories to adjust to the different fantasies you have.

We make amateur porn with a certain quality and to cover a market niche that we think is not covered.

Porn to watch as a couple. We are two totally normal people, with our cellulite, our tummy and nothing out of the ordinary.

The biggest fear of watching porn as a couple is the insecurities caused by the perfect 18-year-old girls, the huge cocks that in the videos look great but in real life they hurt, etc.

I am a 40-year-old Milf and Bruno a 40-year-old chubby, so I assure you that you will not have insecurities watching our scenes as a couple and you can use it to comment on positions without taboos and thus improve sexual communication as a couple.

So take advantage and tell your girl to watch porn, put one of ours on her and during the video playback tell her that you would like to try that way of sucking your cock, or that position, etc. and thus lose the fear of talking about sex.

I guarantee that if you do, we will change your sex life ?.

Of course if we have helped you or you have fucked with us in the background, tell us in the comments that we are really excited.

I can’t think of anything else to tell you about us, just hope that you love the content and that you become our fans.