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From this page you can contact us to ask for a personalized video, tell us your most secret fantasies, to ask us something or to tell me how beautiful I am.

Do you want to order a personalized video?

At the bottom of the web you have a contact form so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, although first you should read the frequently asked questions if they help you.

We will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.


Frequent questions

How long have you been?

We started in this porn scene on October 15, 2019 by uploading a video to Pornhub, after seeing a model uploaded a screenshot where she was making more than $ 30,000 per month.

We soon realized that to reach that figure you had to be very lucky, a great body and an agency behind it, taking the whole shed.

Are you professionals?


We are amateurs, we can look like professionals because of video editing, but we don’t have an agency behind us at all, we do everything.

How much do you earn as a model?

Well, that depends a bit on you, your physical appearance, your taste and skill when recording and editing videos, the recording equipment you have, etc.

To give you an idea more or less in pornhub for every 100,000 visits you charge € 100 on average, but it all depends on many factors such as the sales you make, the visits of your premium videos, etc.

Xhamster and xvideos pay less than half that of pornhub but the good thing about xvideos is that it has a large Spanish public and you can use it as a means of advertising.

Do you have a twin sister?

No, I have no sisters.

The videos where you see a third person with us is a camera trick where we superimpose two videos shot without moving the camera even a millimeter and with a mask we cut both videos to merge them into one.

We also use a chroma key (green screen) for some of them, but no, we have never done a trio nor have we mounted it in front of third parties.

Can I shot with Mia?

In principle it is not an option, I love Bruno and we do this to share our intimate moments with you (well and for money, but mainly for the curiosity of being seen) so today we do not consider filming with third parties changing partners.

And Bruno is mine and I don’t share it ?

I want to dedicate myself to porn

There is a market for everyone so welcome to the world.

It is super long to tell so I have created a page with my experience in case it helps you, you have it Here

Can I roll with you?

Well, it all depends on what your plans are, if you read the previous question you will see that you are not going to have sex with us, but if you have a partner and you want us to shoot a video the 4 of us together each with your partner, everything is to raise it.

I want to fuck Cherry

There is a waiting list for this that we keep jealously written in a glass of water, although it has not started running yet but you can sign up if you want, the list will start to run one day.

My girl asks me if I'm fat, what do I tell her?

If he asks you that, he wants a fight.

There is only one valid answer for that trick question that will also ensure a blowjob.

Respond quickly “Fat I just put my dick to see you.”

? You’re welcome.

What does MILF mean?

MILF is an acronym that comes from the English “Mother I’d Like to Fuck.”

She made it into the movie American Pie by referencing Stifler’s mother.

It refers to women who are mothers and who are sexually desirable or attractive.

Perhaps it is a bit daring to call myself my own MILF but I am a mother, I am mature and within what is possible I am very far from death.