? The Coronavirus invites me to play but I stay home ?

We are in the middle of a pandemic and the covid-19 coronavirus is playful and lately he has not stopped sending me messages so that I can go out to infect me but NO! I know he doesn’t want anything good and the last time I played with him he was just calling the telephones and running away and tonight I’m very horny even though my husband is already sleeping. So I decide to do a live show of how I wake him up and fuck him. How can be expected, it does not disappoint me and gives me the powder that my fans deserve.

Thank God I ignore the messages because the little black men in the coffin were also nearby ?.

? Curiosities:

The video was only prepared for the part where I speak to the camera, but the dialogue totally left me and I made it up, on the other hand the script was in English and in the end we shot it in Spanish because we had a real heater and none of we both realized until the video montage.

We also forgot to roll the creampie and how his sperm came out from inside me, but I guarantee that he left me totally filled with his cock juice ?.

I hope you like it.


? Technical shit:

Audio: Spanish with English intentions.
Quality: 4k.
Interior space.
Effects: Live broadcast effect and messages.
Camera: Gopro hero 7.
Script: Bruno tried, but pass from him.


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