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? Confined  ?

Confined in an apocalyptic world where it is forbidden to go out due to a global pandemic.

I have not been on the street for 3 months and without contact with anyone, I am beginning to be fed up with so much loneliness and a government that only wants to control the population, destroy the birth rate and keep me confined.

According to the police, I am a bad girl and I have a police checkpoint right outside my house, they don’t trust me.

I still remember my last sexual encounter with a stranger days before they locked us all in our houses.

I don’t need much effort to feel the passion of that encounter, the fear in case she doesn’t like my naked body, the amazement when she took his cock out of that prison that kept her locked up.

I dream daily of the sensation of putting her cock in me for the first time and feeling how she is slowly making her way through my little pussy and how it touches the bottom.

I need to feel that sensation again, because dildos no longer comfort.

I’m sorry, they say I’m a nympho although I just think I like sex and have the freedom to enjoy it.

Well now I have nothing, damn viruses and damn dictator governments.

But the time has come to escape, I plan to go out to look for the resistance in the underworld of the city where they say that the rebels are hiding in order to have contact with each other and are preparing the attack on the corrupt government that does not allow us to leave.

I don’t really know how to do it because I live on the 6th floor and through the door I can’t get out without the risk of being shot, maybe I’ll try to flirt with my jailer, maybe I’ll pretend to be a pizza delivery girl.

I don’t know, all I know is that I’m going out.

? Curiosities:

Confinada is a feature film project that we are doing, specifically our first feature film.

But of course this is not like shooting amateur porn where you hide in a corner and start sucking a cock.

It is a shoot that we need lights, clothing, access to areas not normally allowed which means permits, bureaucracy, money, etc.

We are financing it with the advertising revenues of the different platforms, but it is something very slow and I do not know when I can have it finished.

? Technical shit:

Audio: Spanish and English (at the moment only Spanish is public).
Quality: 4k.
Interior space.
Effects: Red Lut.
Camera: Gopro hero 7.
Script: Bruno.

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