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? Play Fall Guys without underwear  ?

I finally got to play Fall Guys and I love it, but with a start I had accidentally wet my panties and I forgot to put on new ones before playing.

Well, you won’t believe it but my stepbrother was sitting on the couch behind me and he noticed.

According to what he says he was looking at his shares on the stock market but as far as I know no one touches his cock while watching the shares, something tells me he was looking at filthy pages.

The fact is that with the excitement of playing Fall Guys for the first time I have not realized that the pig has taken his phone and has started recording my pussy with his mobile while he was masturbating.

But when I finished the screen I had the feeling of hearing the noise I usually make when I jerk off my boyfriend and I turned to see what it was and …

Damn pig you are masturbating!

But man, I’m your stepsister and you haven’t been living in my house for 3 months. You’ll see when I tell your father about the beating he’s going to give you ?.

I’m super angry but I’m not that bad, so let’s make a fair deal, you have recorded me, I record you.

The fact is that after several no, he seems not to care too much that I record his cock and I am still angry, so to annoy him I put my pussy in his face to see if he sees it well and does not record it again (Ha ha ha, perfect plan).

But for some reason that escapes my understanding, she does not seem to care either and on top of that she sticks her tongue out to walk around my clitoris and it is my kryptonite. It’s something I can’t resist, it’s running a soft tongue over that area and I immediately turn on.

I try to avoid it but it ignores me and well, you know how these things end when two people are horny.

? Curiosities:

The filming of “Playing Fall Guys is shot with a single camera and with a sequence shot (all shot at once) for the effect of camera change we shot the whole scene again and so with all the shots we really shot it by the day but when we went to ride we realized that one camera did not fit with another or because what was shown on TV made no sense, with the sound of the video, or because we had improvised a script during the scene.

To be disappointed, the main image was not shot because we controlled the camera by voice and it turns out that if you say gopro records video and is already recording, what it does is stop recording, so all the footage of that scene (Me ahead) I don’t know I record.

And the run that had turned out great wasn’t just the end when it had already run because we took the camera to shoot a close-up.


? Technical shit:

Audio: English subtitled to Spanish.
Quality: 4k.
Interior space.
Effects: none.
Camera: Gopro hero 7.
Script: Bruno and Cherry.

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