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? The contest  ?

My twin sister has a date with a stranger and she keeps sending him half-naked photos. But it challenges me to the contest.

When I tell him that she is a whore, he comes to talk to me to try to take me to his place, but he won’t let me, will he?

The fact is that I don’t know how or why she let me convince myself to have dinner together tonight so that I can meet him, but how could it be otherwise she had other plans.

The fact is that trusting her I went to take a quiet shower to be beautiful for my date, it will be my first sex with my boyfriend and I have to be perfect.

But he came ahead of time and Alis opened the door for him.


He couldn’t think of anything other than just opening his mouth like there was no tomorrow and the idiot couldn’t tell us apart, really? Don’t you see that hair doesn’t grow from one day to the next? I really am convinced every day that you are stupid.

In short, since she doesn’t cut a hair as soon as she appears, the first thing she lets go of is that she has kissed him and that she wants him for her.

Bruno is freaking out a bit and has an incredible excitement just thinking that two girls are fighting over him and Alis decides that she is going to do “The Contest” so that he can decide on one or the other.

But let’s see, who is my boyfriend


But since I’m not used to these things, I decide to accept the contest and we start to listen to what Alis is proposing.

1st Test: Who has the best tits.

2nd Test: Who has a better ass.

3rd Test: What the hell tastes better.

But let’s see silly, we are twins, we have the same tits, the same ass, we are the same (except in the intelligence that you can see that I keep it all)

As she sees that Bruno cannot make up her mind, she decides to raise the level and starts the contest of who fucks better?

But she is a professional at this and I have barely had 2 cocks inside me, I’m going to lose for sure.

I can’t allow her to start, Bruno is cumming and I want that run for myself to beat my stupid sister. So I fuck her first, but things go wrong and I can’t get her to come.

You will have to see the rest to judge, because there is a discussion of who won in the end and only you can decide which of the two won the contest.


? Curiosities:

I think the filming of “The contest” has been the longest of all the videos we have made, it seems simple but it is not, in this case the twins interact a lot and it is very difficult to learn such a long script and answer a question that no one is really doing, looking at where it should be is also tricky.

So the shoot has taken almost a full month of repeating takes and shooting from different angles.

I hope you love it because it takes a lot of work.

? Technical shit:

Audio: Spanish subtitled to English.
Quality: 4k.
Interior space.
Effects: Cloned.
Camera: Gopro hero 7.
Script: Custom video.

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