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? April Fools’ day ?

April Fools Day has finally arrived!

I’ve been waiting for a year to make jokes to my roommate who is a bit of a joker and he is all year concocting jokes to make people on April Fool’s Day.

The day starts off badly, I slept badly and just woke up I got a scare that my legs are still shaking.

When I still haven’t had my coffee to be a person, the second comes, a magic trick where I had to look inside a bottle and when looking, the idiot goes and squeezes the bottle.

Phew, I don’t have the day to be fool’s day jokes.

It’s been more than a month since I left him with my boyfriend and I’m starting to be in a bad mood due to lack of sex, so my imagination only gets to play a practical joke on my roommate.

He hates children and commitment but he has a girlfriend for almost two years, he does not know if he is stupid or hard, but he is engaged and does not know.

Well it’s time for him to have babies.

First I find out if his girlfriend is coming home tonight and when he confirms it, I go to his room with my baby-making pin and prick the condoms.

Buahahaa April Fools Day to me Ha! you will see when his girlfriend arrives with the predictor.

The fact is that that night I go out with some friends and as I go I climb the walls I end up in the parking lot of the disco with an uncle.

At last I feel a cock running through my lips and I can’t stop thinking about how good it will feel to have it inside my pussy that already has to have spider webs.

But I get a call saying that they had entered the house to steal and I ran there leaving my cock half sucked.

When I get home, it turns out that it was another April Fools joke and I already exploded and got angry with my roommate.

The fact is that I was already with my panties removed from the parking lot and my roommate was at home lying on the sofa in his underpants and with the emphasis of the fight I accidentally ended up with his cock inside him.

Uff! as I needed this, but he is my partner and I hate him, but it feels great to have my pussy stuffed with cock.

Look at the wind, I let myself be carried away and I start to ride him that I really am not able to take it off now.

Once I run I put a condom on him because I just needed to get pregnant with this asshole, but with the heat I don’t realize that his condoms were punctured.

When he finally cums inside my pussy, I see my cum dripping inside him and I remember the joke on April Fools’ day ?.

Shit, karma has punished me for overreaching the joke.

? Curiosities:

On April Fools’ day it was only going to be the dust inside the house, but that night we went out to dinner and he gave us the heat in the street with the camera close by and we started filming, but a lot of people passed by on the street and they cut us off. roll, so we decided to use that scene for the April Fools movie.

Filming the shot of it by mistake also cost us a lot for his cock to hit my pussy because when you don’t want him to enter without warning, but as you want to do it on purpose, he does not enter with lubricant, also with so much test to see if It had been good in the end, our libido was lowered, which made things quite complicated, but finally I came in and I was more or less well.

My anger seems a bit false because when I am freshly fucked I find it very difficult to get angry and I had already come in the street a couple of times, with what I already have.

? Tecnical shit:

Audio: Spanish
Quality: 4k.
Space: Indoor / outdoor.
Effects: Disco lights.
Camera: Gopro hero 9.
Script: Bruno.

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