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? Bath time ?

It’s hot, it’s very hot I’m very dirty so it’s time for the relaxing bubble bath, I prepare my relaxing musicota and go inside.

I do not usually take many baths because one of the holes of the bubbles is just under my ass and makes them travel the slit from my ass to my clit and I always end up super horny with the nonsense of the bubbles because they touch me enough to get wet but not enough to get to cum.

But this time I’m going to be prepared to fight the bubbles, I have my favorite dildo with the batteries freshly inserted and tightly closed so that I can use it underwater. I’m ready to feel the bubbles running through my lips and get turned on without fear of being left half.

How could it be otherwise and in order not to lose customs, the happy bubbles begin to travel my ass, tickling upwards until they are free after touching my clitoris.

I’m getting turned on What a surprise! Well, nothing time to take out the heavy weaponry and finish what the bubbles never finish.

I hope you like it ?.



The bath time video is dubbed because the camera has a super sensitive microphone and the hot tub makes a hell of a noise, so the only sound the camera was capturing was the hot tub motors.

The dubbing was quite fun, we did it with a bucket, a sponge and the dildo in the office where the computer is because the bathroom has an echo and also taking the video to the bathroom was more complicated than watching it on the computer itself.

You can imagine the picture, Bruno and I trying to replicate the sounds that the water makes when falling from the sponge, the sound of the water against my skin, the gasps, the vibration of the dildo. ?

Luckily no one took a photo of us.

? Technical Shit:

Audio: Music.
Quality: 4k.
Interior space.
Lighting: 2 led spotlights.
Effects: Hair color enhancement, romantic effect.
Camera: Gopro hero 7.
Script: Alis.

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