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? Naughty Schoolgirl ?

Yes, I know it, I am a Naughty Schoolgirl who fucks her private teacher.

I can’t help it, I love sex and I hate studying, what I don’t understand is because my mother doesn’t realize that she can’t put a man around me. It always ends the same

This time my English teacher’s bitch is a girl and she’s like 300 leap years old so she forces me to study and I can’t use my woman’s weapons in exam reviews .

Mom has given me a teacher because I am unable to speak English I have always been more than practicing French, Greek, Thai, etc. But English? I only know how to use them to remove hair and for the boys to leave their fluids there.

This time I have decided to really learn but God! the guy is about two meters tall, he has a beard and breathes, just the way I like them.

So sorry for my grades this semester but I prefer to suspend and feel his cock in my mouth. You have to understand it.

I have not fucked for more than 1 day and one is not made of stone.

I need my cock session and I need it now, so if this Naughty Schoolgirl is going to fuck her teacher right here and now.

Clearly as soon as I start to insinuate he can’t resist, I still haven’t lost my magic touch that lifts things with a glance.

But this time it is different, normally I am the one who calls the shots and the one who dominates, but suddenly the guy hooks me, turns me around and starts to treacherously fuck me. I am not going to accept it.

I am Naughty Schoolgirl, you would have to be the teacher afraid of what will happen if they catch us and we have all the ballots because mom is in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Only a few meters separate us from the maximum risk and that puts me at a thousand.

Obviously when I cum I take the lead and I am the one who rides this time on his hard cock until…

Ehhh! stop pulling my tongue, then you go with the story out there and making me slutty.


? Curiosities:

Naughty Schoolgirl for some strange reason has not succeeded much in the different free platforms, I do not know if we do not upload it on the correct date, if it is not well lit or simply that you do not like it.

The fact is that today it is only available for free on pornhub

? Technical shit :

Audio: Spanish.

Quality: 4k.

Interior space.

Effects: None.

Camera: Gopro hero 7.

Script: Improvised.

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