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? Quickie on the balcony ?

My husband’s best friend is spending the holidays with us and he has gone out to the balcony to sunbathe with me when suddenly I accidentally look at the package and see that the tip comes out from under his pants. God how is guy! I can’t help but keep looking at him with the face of needing that cock between my legs, but my husband is at home making food in the kitchen, he could catch us and he already warned me that if he caught me again with another man he would ask me for a divorce.

Bufff what a dilemma, I can’t stop looking at him and I think he’s so horny to see me in panties and with my nipples hard as cement, what do I do? what I do? I can’t help it, I throw myself at his crotch and start eating his super stealthy cock, I really don’t want my husband to catch us and it seems that the best friend understands that we are stealthy and fuck with our clothes on just in case.

Sorry man, I know I’m a goddess licking dicks, but I need to feel it inside me NOW!.

We are on the balcony and people do not stop passing below who see us, but I decide that all my attention is on what I feel in my pussy and the ear in the kitchen if my husband approaches. I cum in seconds several times and you can see that from so many squeezes that I give him with my little pussy he does not last long either, but hey, it has sat me well.


? Curiosities:

The filming is on a real balcony with real people passing by and some of them started recording with their mobile because little discretion, so I would not be surprised to find this video posted on some social network one day with the view from the street, what a shame that see me.

For the rest, little footage was lost in this video, it is practically the length of the video that poor Bruno lasted for me.

Of course my orgasms are real, I’m sorry I don’t last too long riding him but this cock is made for me and he knows how to handle me so that my maximum without cumming is 5 minutes.


? Technical shit:

Audio: No dialogue.
Quality: 4k.
Outer space.
Effects: Custom Lut to remove glare.
Camera: Gopro hero 7.
Script: Alis.

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