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? Sensory yoga ?

I have been a bit stressed with work for some time and my gym teacher has mentioned to me on occasion that if I wanted he could give me a private yoga session at home. This week I’m up to the hell of it all, so I asked him to come because I don’t have time or desire to be with all the parrots in the gym. Well said and done, I already have it here and the bastard is getting better every day. Godooo how this guy makes me! Total that throughout the class without realizing it (that is, totally premeditated) I have been insinuating myself and I think I am super horny and he proposes a new dynamic called sensory yoga where with the subconscious he can make me feel things that are not happening .

Well look, at this point do what you want to me. The session starts and IT’S TRUE! It touches specific points on my back and I feel as if other areas are touching me. But … but … what is this guy doing? He is reaching into me and says that he is touching my back Dioooos don’t stop! Are you giving me a finger? bah, I’m going to play the game I’ve always been with the idea that stress is removed with a good cock. God, what a big cock! and how badly it conceals.

This guy doesn’t count on the fact that I’m turned on from minute 1 and I need him to fill my pussy with his cream, so since my boyfriend doesn’t show up until 8:00 p.m. I decide to stop making out and fuck him.

? Curiosities:

The sensory yoga shoot was another unscripted natural fuck past the beginning with finger play on my back etc. I think they are the best filming, nothing to have pre-designed postures and dialogues. Fuck me and see what comes out! As a curiosity, the dog did not stop sucking on the camera and it turns out that xhamster does not allow animals to appear in the videos even if they do not participate. Really? Any amateur who has a pet is going to slip into the Grrr planes. Well, nothing in xhamster neither this nor is expected, because I am not going to edit the video to eliminate the scenes where it sneaks.

? Technical shit:

Audio: Spanish.
Quality: 4k.
Interior space.
Effects: none.
Camera: Gopro hero 7.
Script: Bruno.

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