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? The Secretary ?

Hello! My name is Cherry and I work as a secretary for a multinational real estate company.

We have been closing a multi-million dollar operation for the construction of a golf course in Valencia for a month and since we started I have not had time for myself to go hunting, so I have not tasted cock for a month.

We are finally about to finish and I have come to my boss’s house for the weekend to finish it once and for all, since on Monday we delivered the project.

The fact is that the situation of being in the beach case of my boss the two of them alone is turning me on to unexpected points and I think it is time to remove the cobwebs from my pussy at once and get a raise.

First I tried to do a Sharon Stone cross leg on basic instinct but my boss didn’t see me because she’s concentrating on her fucking iPad going through the whole project.

Well this secretary wants cock and she is going to have it so I get on all fours in front of my boss to see if he discovers that I am not wearing panties and he gets horny. This strategy never fails and of course this time it will not be less.

Suddenly I hear the camera ringing and I see that he has taken a photo of my precious pussy, I usually pretend to be offended when someone does it to me, but this time I can’t even pretend to be offended, I just go up my skirt a bit and I tell him that the photos come out better that way.


I already have my boss horny and now he wants me to fuck his faithful secretary.

Suddenly I notice his hand caressing my ass which makes me shudder and I can’t help moaning with pleasure and it doesn’t take long to feel his breath on my ass which makes me think that his tongue is on the way and that makes me wet to receive his cock.

As I thought, it doesn’t take 5 seconds for him to run his tongue over my clit very softly but firmly and I feel his nose sticking to my ass as he licks my extremely wet pussy.

I have so much desire that I feel that today I am going to have a squirt and I am going to put everything lost, but hey, the secretary can clean everything, which is what I am for, to clean all his cock.

As he licks me at a perfect rhythm I notice his very hard cock on my leg and just thinking about it I have my first orgasm.

OMG! I haven’t lasted 2 minutes without cumming, what will he think of me?

Suddenly he comes up and puts his cock in my pussy, but does not put it. He just strokes my pussy with his cock BUT BUT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, FUCK YOU ONCE YOU’RE DRIVING ME CRAZY?

Finally I feel how he enters slowly and I feel every inch of cock inside me and how it is making its way into my pussy for him.

Once he hits rock bottom, he makes one last exit slowly to start fucking me with a perfect rhythm and I feel his balls as they hit my clit with each thrust and again I come in seconds.

Now he takes me hard and puts me on the table and starts eating my pussy and savoring the pussy juice that comes out after the double cumshot.

This guy drives me crazy, how he eats my pussy, perfect rhythm and has magic fingers inside me that have me in a long but very soft point of orgasm. He starts to pick up the pace and I lose control of my body until I accidentally squirt him all over his mouth.

Oh my! What a shame, I just bathed my boss in vaginal fluid. Go mosqueo is going to get caught, I just ran out of promotion and without a secretary position.

But no, it seems that he liked it and finally he puts his cock in my mouth and forces me to suck it and in gratitude I give him my best blowjob.

What I won’t tell you is whether I got him to cum in my mouth or he continued to fuck me, to find out you’ll have to watch the video ?


? Curiosities:

The Secretary is another of the unscripted videos which we improvise on the fly, we create the character, we talk about the 4-legged posture for the photo of my pussy and the rest we get carried away.

The video is shot in a sequence shot and the cuts that are seen are due to a change in camera position or because the table where he fucks me is super low and Bruno is super tall and the posture immediately tired him and he had to stop for a minute to fuck forces and follow.

You can’t see the squirt because I really swallow it whole and since we didn’t expect squirt to come out, we didn’t put a camera in the area, but if you look at his shirt, you can see when he gets up that it’s wet.

? Tecnical shits:

Audio: Spanish
Quality: 4k.
Interior space.
Effects: None.
Camera: Gopro hero 9.
Script: Without a text script.

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