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My neighbor

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Bath, Bedroom, Interior, Publico, Spanish

? My neighbor ?

My husband and I are sunbathing on the terrace of the house when suddenly there is a knock on the door, I am going to see who it is and it is my neighbor upstairs who has run out of water to shower.

You would have to see the looks he had, wrapped in a towel, all full of foam and with his rubber duck, how can I not let him finish at home? Total that without consulting my husband I let him pass and I go back to the terrace to continue with mine.

Who is he? My husband asked me “It was the neighbor who had run out of water”

“Oh great”.

My husband is not a boy of many words and I have already gotten used to talking to him in a schematic way, so the information that he was taking a shower I did not tell him.

The fact is that suddenly I notice how the sun is warming my groin and to defend myself from the heat my pussy starts to spontaneously lubricate.

I look at my husband and I think it would be nice to fuck right there while my neighbor is a few meters away and there are a lot of people walking along the promenade who could catch us.

Double chance of getting caught, double morbid!

My pussy is now squirting, so without cutting myself I look at my boy and say “Shall we fuck?” He thinks about it a bit but cannot refuse such an offer.

It has been a hard month and we have not stopped working so that as soon as we got home we fell asleep, so we could not get our monthly powder, so you have to have your balls full of milk for me?

I go to where he is sitting looking at him with a dirty face and I grab his cock without further ado or kisses or anything, straight to the pylon.

He is not as in tune as I am but I solve that in zero coma.

I start with my very soft tongue to taste his member and I notice how it begins to grow in my hand.

I’ve always loved feeling how it grows inside my mouth, it gives me a feeling of indescribable power, so I put it all in and start playing with my tongue on his glans until it no longer fits.


As I like the taste, now I want those drops of milk that fill my palate and leave the taste of sex in my mouth, so I start to milk her so that she can throw away those drops of tail juice.

Suddenly I realize that I am in public and that there may be someone watching how I am eating this cock and I come on top for the voyeur to enjoy and jerk off thinking about what he has seen today.

But without realizing it with the heat and the morbid I have lost control and suddenly I feel like it throbs in my hand and it comes in my mouth …

Nooooooo! Come on man, don’t screw me, I needed to feel her inside my pussy: _ (.

Well, nothing annoys to the same extent that I am horny, I go to the shower to clean myself and use my satisfyer to finish myself.

But when I get to the bathroom, surprise! my neighbor was here.

My mind tells me to turn around but my pussy says it wants that cock and suddenly without realizing it I’m on my knees with another cock in my mouth without having wiped the other’s cum from my face.

Now the tables have turned, now it is my husband who can catch us, uff, how morbid.

This time I’m not going to run out of orgasm so this one is going to have a mini blowjob, I’ll show him another day how well I suck him if he behaves well today.

I quickly take him out of the shower and take him to the bedroom, I don’t know how to do short blowjobs and I want to ensure at least one orgasm with a pussy lick so I put my pussy on his face and continue for a little longer.

He soon begins to throw drops of semen that mix in my mouth with my husband’s semen and with my first orgasm in his mouth I begin to notice that more than drops are jets of semen hitting my bell.

I don’t control my neighbor’s cock and I don’t know if he’s going to cum anymore. I refuse to stay without tasting cock again! and without further ado I go to his cock and put it inside me.


I feel like my neighbor’s cock enters and opens my pussy inch by inch until it hits the bottom, I’m dying of pleasure and I want to fall on it for the spontaneous relaxation of feeling it inside but I’m upside down and I only have legs in front of me.

Wow, in the rush I didn’t realize I was upside down XD.

Well I have a cock inside and I am not going to waste a second what can last so I start riding it which is my time to come.

I notice how his big hands are placed on my ass and he begins to dominate me so that I can take the rhythm that he wants, that makes me cum in a few seconds, domination always makes me horny.

I’m just cumming but I don’t want to stop, I don’t know if he’s going to come now, which would seem fatal to me, so without enjoying the seconds of post-orgasm rest I lean back and continue.

This position makes my husband’s cock touch my G-spot and I want to test if he happens to me with all of them or only with my boy’s. I run the risk that he does touch it and have a squirt but the risk and the change of sheets is worth it.


His cock looking for my G-spot in each thrust but he starts to masturbate my clitoris with his hand and that distracts me from my strategy and I can’t find it so I let myself go and start to feel a new orgasm coming.

Yeah yeah yeah I’m cumming hard!

This time I do need a break because I’m a milf and my body can’t take it anymore, so I go down to suck her to see how she tastes her semen mixed with my pussy juice.

Yummy! It’s good.

She doesn’t taste the same as with my husband’s cock, but she’s also delicious, so now I’m going to show my neighbor what the 5th-grade neighbor knows how to do and that she cums if she wants in my mouth.

While I’m sucking my pussy she talks to me and tells me that I’m putting her in the wrong hole that he’s ready for another round of pounding.

And I get on this time yes, looking at her face so that I can lean on her chest to ride her better.

I’m in my position, it’s my time to tame this colt and I’m going to do it the way I like it.

I put it in quickly, I close my eyes and I start to go through all my sex with my member very slowly, feeling how she enters and how she expels the air bubbles that have entered when taking it out before her.

I feel immense pleasure with every inch that she enters, it is like micro orgasms and my pussy reacts throbbing with pleasure and I am unable to see anything.

Suddenly her hands return to my ass and she takes the reins of the thrusts again, I try to reveal myself but I like what she does and in the end I surrender again to her thrusting rhythm.

I feel her cock getting bigger inside of me and without warning I cum again, while I’m enjoying the orgasm I notice that her cock has become giant inside of me and it is throbbing too.

Is she going to run?

Suddenly in a moment of lucidity I realize that he is not my husband and it would be ugly for another man to fill my pussy with her fluids and I take her out of her and start to masturbate her so that she cums on my ass but she doesn’t.

This is over girl, I tell myself.

I put her back inside me, put my hands on her chest and start fucking her like there is no tomorrow to have my last orgasm before sending her home.

I come again and suddenly she gives me a brutal charge of conscience for being fucking with another in the double bed and above with my husband on the terrace without knowing about the tremendous fucking that they are giving me.

About to end the fuck I think that my husband has behaved badly and that it is my revenge and that my neighbor after the great fuck that he is giving me deserves to have an orgasm.

I turn around again so that my conscience does not block me and I think that it is my husband who fucks me and by the way I show my little ass to my neighbor who has not seen it well.

I keep riding his cock moving my pelvis so that his cock touches my clitoris because I can no longer have orgasms and suddenly a tickle begins to travel my body towards my pussy where it explodes and causes me one of the best orgasms of my life .

I can’t take it anymore, this was the last one!

But he’s still unfinished … Where did this guy come from? Look, I’ll lie down and let him do what he wants with me, I already give up.

I lie on my back and with his desire for domination he grabs my legs and I put them almost on my face, I didn’t know he was so flexible?

He sticks his cock inside me and I feel how he pushes the bottom of my pussy to the point of hurting me a bit but it is an exciting damage that I like.

With each thrust I feel like I could be pushed out of Spain, it hurts but I don’t want it to stop, it’s a new way of fucking that my husband had never done to me.

My pussy closes with pleasure and now I feel more of his cock ramming the bottom of my pussy, it can’t be, is another orgasm coming?

Yesiiiiiiiiiii! I’m running, don’t stop, yeah it’s super long, by God don’t stop.

He is going to come, I notice it, his breathing has changed, his cock is throbbing, but my orgasm is still hard, don’t stop, don’t come now, run inside if you want but don’t stop for god’s sake !!

Suddenly he takes out his cock running and starts to throw his cum on me, I keep running even though the cock is no longer inside me. What a feeling!

But suddenly, as slowly as it came, the orgasm started to go away, it has not exploded like normal ones, but it has been incredible, more than a minute of continuous orgasm.

Without a doubt, I have to ask the president of the community for the meter key and cut off my neighbor’s water at least 2 times a week ?.

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? Curiosities:

The video for “My neighbor” was initially two separate videos, one of a public blowjob and the other of a neighbor who ran out of water and my twin sister and I fought to fuck him, but that day there were clouds and the light changed every 2 × 3 so you couldn’t shoot a video with a clone because the light changes would not be the same in both videos and I couldn’t mount it so I decided to change the story for a double run on the same day.

What I tell in the erotic story is partly true, the last orgasm was like that. It was not the first time that happened to me since in that position it happens a lot and the rest of orgasms also.

During the blowjob in public I don’t know if they caught us because I totally disconnected and Bruno was concentrating on cumming in my mouth, so there are the same videos spinning on YouTube from another point of view of that blowjob XD.

? Técnical shit:

Audio: Spanish
Quality: 4k.
Space: At home.
Effects: sunlight.
Camera: Gopro hero 9.
Script: No text script.

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