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The Eurocup

by | May 26, 2021 | Interior, Publico, Spanish, Sports

? The Eurocup ?

Today Spain is playing the European Championship and my brother has brought a friend to watch the game together.

I’ve never been much into soccer, so when my brother brings friends home he usually uses me as a chacha to bring them beers and peanuts.

But this time it’s different, I’m ovulating and I’m going from here to there hornier than a monkey so I can’t stop imagining how my brother’s friend will fuck.

Without realizing it, it seems that I am flirting with him and he is responding so I decide to take the step and raise the bar of seduction to something more spicy.

Spain is having a bad game and Bruno seems more interested in me than in watching football so just by saying he comes he comes to me.

My brother with soccer gets super stupid and a bomb can drop next to him that he doesn’t find out so to increase the morbidity I don’t take him to my room and start sucking him in the hallway.


How the situation excites me, a perfectly shaved cock in my mouth next to someone who can turn around at any moment, catch us and tell our parents.

I’m giving it my all in this blowjob, and I can’t stop taking her in and out of my mouth I could even eat her cum right now and I’d be satisfied but no.

I know myself and I know that after 10 minutes she would want my portion of tail, so as soon as I notice that my mouth begins to taste of her semen, I get up and show her my ass so that she can penetrate me.

She doesn’t hesitate for a second to insert it and I feel how little by little she fills my pussy with her cock until she hits the bottom, it doesn’t take too long for me to cum the first time.

My legs are weak and I have to hold on to something. I only have the wall, so while I feel how he’s fucking me, I hold on to the wall as hard as I can.

My brother is still involved in the European Championship and it seems that he doesn’t know about it, but suddenly he asks me for a beer and we both stop scared and he goes back to the chair.

What are you doing?

You finish this because I’ve only come once and a good fuck with less than 7 orgasms isn’t a fuck or anything.

We up the ante and I start to suck on the couch next to my brother, now the taste is more like my vaginal fluid than cock and I imagine that the taste is from another pussy which makes me a thousand.

I can’t last long without feeling her inside so this time I’m the one who’s going to ride him.

I sit on him and I feel how his cock makes its way back into my little pussy, I ride him as quietly as possible hoping my brother doesn’t catch us, but I don’t know if I’m making a noise because I have all the blood in my pussy and I don’t I can think.

I want to scream with pleasure but I can’t!

I try to change my position and face him so that he covers my mouth and eats my tits, but in this position his cock touches my G-spot and makes me cum too hard.

It’s not the time for a squirt and I feel like it’s going to come, I can’t have a squirt here and my legs are weak again.

I get up and go to the kitchen waiting for him to follow me, he’s already stealthy, I want to fuck and I want to scream with pleasure.

There I wait for him totally naked and with my legs open fully prepared to receive his cock again but she doesn’t give me a cock and starts eating my pussy.

God! and to think that the guy came for the European Championship and here I have him eating my pussy like no one ate me for a long time.

I don’t know if I’m super horny and anything goes or if he’s a fucking pussy-eating god.

The fact is that the guy knows exactly where the G-spot is and he doesn’t stop playing with it.

I feel like I’m peeing again, which is what I always feel when I’m going to have a squirt, but this time I let myself go and suddenly I hear liquid falling on the floor, it made me cum on her face.

I always wanted to cum on someone’s face to get revenge for all the times they’ve done it to me and finally I find a guy who gets me to cum on his face.

You can see that he’s excited about what just happened and without delay he picks me up, I don’t even know how he turns me around and turns me on my back with my legs wide open and sticks his cock in my very lubricated pussy.

As much as I would have wanted to avoid it, it’s impossible not to get the goal of how dilated and wet I am, I practically don’t have the strength in my pussy to squeeze, but I feel his balls touching my clitoris.

I’m going to cum again, just feeling the cocks and their balls colliding with my clitoris this time I have a clitoral orgasm.


La primera vez en mi vida que metiéndome una polla tengo un orgasmo de clítoris.

El no para de empotrarme contra la encimera de la cocina cada vez más fuerte y de pronto la saca y siento como va a correrse en mi culo.

¿En el culo? No, es mi momento y ahora voy a ser yo la que reciba su corrida en mi cara, es lo justo después de lo que yo le hice. Así que me giro, me agacho y abro la boca  para que la llene de su corrida.

Por fin se corre en mi boca y yo saboreo bien su semen antes de que se vuelva a ver la Eurocopa de las narices.

Creo que este ha sido el partido más divertido de futbol que he visto nunca, creo que lo voy a coger como costumbre esta forma de ver los partidos de futbol.

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? Curiosities:

The European Championship is a video montage where we are really just the two of us but we shoot ourselves twice and we superimpose one video on another to give the sensation that there is a third person there.

We don’t shoot with a real third party because of the bureaucracy of all the web platforms that amateur models force us to fill out so that a third person can come out,

It’s super complicated to do it this way because the camera can’t move a millimeter but it’s the only way to get the effect we can think of to skip all the bureaucracy.

As always, squirting doesn’t look good because it’s things that come without warning and it never catches us with the camera ready, but I guarantee you it happened.

It is also true that my squirts do not release the vaginal fluid as in the videos, but every day I am more convinced that 90% of the squirts you see are that the girl pees.

The shooting was a few days before the European Championship and we did not fall into making the video focused on that event, but coincidentally we recorded it from soccer with what fit us to put the European Championship.

The video has two versions, one long and one short, I recommend the long one even though it is only on payment platforms.

? Thecnical Shits:

Audio: Spanish
Quality: 4k.
Space: At home.
Effects: sunlight, football noise, clone of Bruno.
Camera: Gopro hero 9.
Script: No text script, all improvised.

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