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Squirt in the park

by | May 10, 2021 | Publico

? Squirt in the Park ?

It was a normal day, in a normal park, with normal trees and squirrels. What wasn’t normal was how horny I was and how I accidentally squirted in the park.

It was just another morning and like every morning I don’t work, I usually go for a walk in the park near my house without underwear.

The night before I had a date with a guy from tinder who did have a good cock but didn’t know how to use it and I stayed halfway but with a horny you can’t imagine.

The fact is that when I decided to stop trying to cum it was already late and I threw him directly to his house and I fell asleep but you can see that my body, which is wise, was left wanting a good orgasm.

The park this morning was quite lonely and I began to notice how my pussy began to throb and get wet for no reason and taking advantage of the loneliness and curiosity of being caught I decided to touch myself a little.

What I didn’t expect at any time was to have a squirt in the park because it rarely happens to me, but when it happens I put it all out of fluid.

While caressing my pussy I started to think about Bruno, he really knew how to fuck me, but the idiot is on a trip and he can’t come to fill me up properly.

He imagined how he licked his cock, running his tongue over the glans slowly and taking small bites, I could almost taste his semen in my mouth.

Every second that passed my pussy was wetter and I saw how the orgasm was coming.

Now I imagined his cock caressing my pussy making me suffer and begging him to put it in once, but he refused to put it in, which excited me even more.

Finally he puts it in and I put my fingers in my pussy to feel the same thing I’m imagining.


¡Don´t stop!

Put it in the bottom! I notice how my pussy throbs, it’s coming and I’m getting too wet, I know that means I’m going to have a squirt in the park, uff, how embarrassing and how morbid at the same time.

I look around one last time to see if I can fully relax and let him come and yes, there is only one couple but he is far away and he can’t see me.

I let myself go and I feel like my pussy throbs stronger and stronger, I keep dreaming that they are fucking me hard and it comes to me, NOW, NOW!!!.

At that moment I inadvertently touch the G-spot and while I’m having an orgasm like writing a book I feel my hand getting wet.

Godoo! I have had a squirt in the park without meaning to?.

I look down and indeed, the whole dress is bathed in pussy juice and the floor too, I’m dying of shame, the couple that was far away is no longer so far away and they come towards me.

But look, after this orgasm my legs tremble, I couldn’t get up even if I wanted to, so I cover up, put on my sunglasses and proud of my squirt in the park I relax to wait for my strength to come back and go home.

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? Curiosities:

Squirt in the park, as you can imagine, is totally real in a park, although in the story I say that the park was empty, the fucking park was full of people, it was Saturday at 10 in the morning, why the hell do people go to the park if there is a beach?

Well, luckily there was a time when there were few people and the video could be shot and that’s where we started. Bruno was on camera wearing sports pants that barely hid his erection, but the video was me alone and I couldn’t invite him.

The idea was not to shoot a squirt in the park because it really gets all lost and I don’t like it very much, although in the videos it looks great, but to look at Bruno’s cock under his pants wanting to go out and imagine how horny he had to be. be, I got like a motorcycle.

On a couple of occasions we had to cut filming because a man had no other place to walk than in front of us.

My part of covering up was easy, but Bruno, all hot, with the camera and the tripod, made it more than obvious that we were shooting porn?

I imagine that’s why the man insisted on walking in front of us.

In the end the situation had me hyper horny and while I was masturbating I accidentally found the G-spot and I had the squirt.

It doesn’t look good because it wasn’t planned at all and once the orgasm is underway, I can assure you that except for the camera I think about anything.

Obviously Bruno wasn’t ready to shoot it either and it didn’t turn out as well as it could have.

At least if you see the pussy juice fall to the ground and you sense the squirt.

I’m sorry I didn’t remove my hand so that it would come out like in professional porn?

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Quality: 4k.
Public space.
Effects: None.
Camera: Gopro hero 9.
Script: No text script.

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