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Street Sex

by | May 18, 2021 | Publico

? street sex ?

Today after almost two years confined, I was able to go out to the bar for a drink and against all odds I ended up having sex in the street.

Well let’s get down to business.

It is the first Saturday that the confinement is lifted and the desire to go out is brutal.

After months fucking only with my neighbor and with my boyfriend, I was already a little tired of the same cocks, although I wasn’t going to sleep with just anyone, it had to be a special guy.

In order not to fail I have put on my tartan dress that always guarantees success and I have gone out to the fashionable bar to see how the patio was.

Of course, a girl alone in a bar is the target of all the guys, drinks, groping, a thousand conversations, but none of them inspired me to fill my pussy that night.

Already a little desperate from so much drooling I went home that the satisfyer was waiting for me and just as I turned the corner of the bar I found a very handsome guy.

I strut past him and the guy looks over his shoulder at me.


Ufff makes me hyper horny that a guy doesn’t drool to take me to bed.

He is smoking leaning against the wall and as much as I look at him to provoke him he doesn’t pay any attention to me, he continues with his haughty look and I begin to notice how my panties are getting soaked.

This is the guy, I fuck him for ego and on top of that I’m going to have sex in the street, I don’t care who passes by.

This guy doesn’t come to my house.

I approach and take his cigarette without saying a word, he looks at me with some contempt which excites me even more.

But this is not the cigar that I want to put in my mouth and throw it away after a couple of puffs.

I bend down like this with no foreplay or anything and pull his cock out of his pants.

He doesn’t resist and lets me do it, but he continues with his damn arrogance and I begin to doubt if he’s going to charge me later.

Look, I don’t care if he charges me, if he’s just a pimp or whatever the hell happens to him, I put his cock in my mouth and I feel how he grows inside my little mouth with every lick.

Just then I hear some footsteps, but I can’t stop and I hear a voice saying…


At that moment I notice how the first drops of semen begin to fill my mouth, it’s ready to stick it in me.

We should go to the car because sex on the street is penalized, but the magic of the moment would be lost and I don’t want to risk hearing his voice because I’ve idealized it and it’s not the time to let me down.

I get up, pull down my panties and throw him on the floor.

He lets himself be done, he’s already mine!

Once I have him on the ground I get into a riding position and make him suffer a bit by going down slowly, I put his cock at the entrance of my pussy and I notice how just as he enters he gets very fat and almost doesn’t fit.

But I’m super lubricated, sex on the street has always been my sexual fantasy no matter how many times I do it.

I can’t help it, I love showing off and I can hear the noise of people having fun in the bar a few meters from us, the catches are guaranteed.

Finally he goes all the way in and I’m practically about to have an orgasm, but I hold on for a bit to enjoy the feel of him running all over my pussy.

But not a minute goes by when I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to run.

Cherry don’t cum yet, Cherry!…

Impossible, I’m cumming while trying to avoid it which makes the orgasm more powerful.

I try not to notice and go down to suck him again to remove my vaginal fluid while my pussy is still throbbing from the orgasm I just had.

But he picks me up, puts me against the wall and fucks me from behind.

I feel each embedded and I notice how his cock is about to explode.

At that moment I hear footsteps approaching again, but I am unable to turn around, he has me completely dominated by his wishes.

Listening to how people approach makes me a thousand and I cum without warning, squeezing his cock so hard that it ends up coming out, but soon he puts it back in to cum himself.

Oh my Goood!

I keep listening to the music from the bar and the people in the background and I keep lubricating myself from the thought of being caught having sex on the street.

The boy continues to push me against the wall and I notice how his cock is getting harder inside me, he is going to cum and I with him and just thinking about it I cum again and just at that moment I hear him panting.

He is mine, he is going to fill my pussy with semen.

Shit! Don’t take it out, you bastard. But I see that he didn’t want to cum inside and I go downstairs as fast as possible so that he at least throws it all in my face.


I hit my mouth and it has practically not stained my dress.

But right after cumming she puts it away again and kicks me out. BUT BUT! The bastard hasn’t said a single word to me, we just had sex in the street, I just swallowed his cum and he continues with his haughty attitude.

Bufff, when I get home I’m going to have to masturbate again.

I don’t know why the hell that attitude excites me so much.

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? Curiosities:

Sex in the street was a video that we had in mind throughout the pandemic, but with all the spectacle that we have to put on with spotlights, tripods and more because of not having a good camera to shoot in low light, we always put it off but soon the president came out saying that the next day at 00:00 the curfew would end.

Imagine what attracts attention a couple of spotlights, a camera and a couple alone on the street. We couldn’t shoot this without a curfew with this camera, so that same night we got handsome and went out to fuck.

That afternoon we had already fucked in private so it was not the ideal time to shoot, but the next day we ran out of time and it had to be today yes or yes.

As soon as we got off we didn’t talk, we still had the headlights on when we heard a car coming

Fuck the cop! Running we hid until they passed.

Let’s remember that we are in a state of alarm and there is a curfew, it was around 1:00 AM so we would go directly to jail if we were caught?

The thing about looking back all the time (and the times we cut) is because there was a deathly silence and every time a car was heard it was the police passing by, but we put in the sound of people passing by so as not to cut too much footage.

Obviously riding on the sidewalk is very uncomfortable and it destroyed my knees XD but it’s all because of your straws.

The video was not going to have any bar or this argument, but when I went home and saw the poor quality of the video due to the low light, I had to do something with it, so I turned the brightness up to the maximum and put a lighting effect on it to hide the noise of the image and voila, we already have something fairly presentable.

? Tecnical shits:

Audio: No dialogue
Quality: 4k.
Public space.
Effects: Lights, noise of people, background music.
Camera: Gopro hero 9.
Script: No text script.

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