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Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Foot, Interior, Publico, Spanish

? Valentine’s Day ?

It all started on Valentine’s Day when my husband made the ill-fated unilateral decision to invite his best friend to dinner.

I am not at all proud of this story but it is my story and as such it deserves to be told.

As I was saying, it was Valentine’s Day in 2022, my husband and I have the habit of celebrating it in a big way, not with gifts but with brutal sex sessions of those that you spend several days with your legs trembling and for dessert knickknacks to regain strength.

I’ve been lubricating and masturbating for several days thinking about the sex session that awaits me, I want it, I need it and that’s why I can’t stop masturbating every 20 minutes.

Today I have shaved well so that my husband can eat my pussy as if it were the first time and of course I have done an enema so that he can enter from behind if he pleases, I am not much into anal sex but it is a special day and There are no limits, so I prepare myself for any situation.

I’ve managed to get into the jeans he was wearing the first time we made love, they don’t cover much but I don’t care, I want him to see what’s there so his cock explodes as soon as he sees me.

Suddenly I hear the door of the house and my pussy instantly gets wet and prepares to receive his cock but…

What the hell is this guy doing here?

– Nothing, darling, I found him, he was alone and it made me very sad. So I brought him to dinner and then he leaves.

Automatically I notice how my pussy closes because today it doesn’t play.

Well I resign myself to a late Valentine but there is still hope. We started to have some beers and a very funny conversation for a couple of hours until it was time for dinner, which, as usual, my dinner is my husband’s cock and I feed him pussy, because there is nothing in the fridge for a guest.

My husband goes out for dinner and leaves his friend there with me in a rather uncomfortable situation for me, so I take my book and start reading.

Suddenly he sits next to me to wait for my husband to come back with Valentine’s dinner and it crosses my mind that the same thing is that he wants to have a threesome.

He knows that’s my limit, that I don’t want to have a threesome with a guy, but he also gives me the idea that what I’m going to do is watch how we fuck while he masturbates.

The simple idea of ​​him doing it and then telling me about it turns me on, I’ve always liked it when guys want me and masturbate thinking they’re going to fuck me.

Suddenly my pussy prepares for sex again and I have an overwhelming desire to masturbate.

Since I have the book in my hand and it’s quite big, I think that if I cover it up a bit I’ll be able to masturbate on my own without Paco finding out.

Said and done, I put the book between Paco and me, I loosen the button of my pants and I begin to make love to myself.

Very slowly I pass my index finger through the slit to lubricate it up and down, I imagine it is my husband’s cock making me suffer before inserting it to the bottom. I notice how the fluid comes out of me and my pussy asks for a little more gear.

I have very little stamina in this suffering so I obey my wishes and start to give it a cane faster and sticking my finger inside me a little, suddenly I put two whole fingers and moan with pleasure.


I take them out but I want that sensation of something entering me to return so I put them back again and again until I feel like an orgasm begins to run through my body starting with the legs and the head and little by little I notice how it goes down and up until you reach my pussy.

It’s coming, it’s coming! I’m going to run…

– What do you read?

I listen while my orgasm dilutes without ever having it.

– A book. I respond with some irritation for having cut myself just when I was about to arrive.

– Are you masturbating?

– Maybe (Look, he caught me, it’s absurd to deny the obvious)

– you want to fuck! While she touches my tit.

Whoops, whoops, whoops. This guy thinks he’s going to skewer me with his phallus. Poor man, how wrong he is.

– Today is Valentine’s Day and my husband has gone for dinner, forget that I am faithful and here and now nobody is going to fuck.

He touches my tit again and this time I stop him.

No means no! and less a day as marked as today. (Poor thing, what a face he has, I’m beginning to understand why my husband brought him to dinner, it’s impossible to say no with that abandoned dog face).

Fucking we’re not going to fuck, but if you want to help me I can give you a handjob so I don’t have to imagine my husband’s cock until he cums. if you cum what you take and if not then a straw that you have taken. Win, manual win.

– OK

I take his cock out of its cage and keeping it at a safe distance I start caressing it and telling it dirty things that come from the deepest part of me.

While I caress him I put my fingers back into my pussy and continue where I left off, this time my imagination only has to change Paco for my husband so it’s easy.

He touches me again and I make it clear to him that I am not, that here I only play so that I can enjoy it, which is the most that is going to happen.

At that moment I notice how the hand that I have holding his cock lacks lubrication and I bring my hand closer to my mouth with the excuse of spitting to lubricate but what I really want is to smell his cock.


I love how cocks smell and smelling it makes me think I’m sucking my love.

I grab her cock hard again and move at the same rhythm that my fingers enter me, I fantasize that I have her inside her and I notice how her glans grows every time my hand goes down towards her pubis.

Droplets of semen begin to come out and without her noticing I pick them up with my hand and then I take them to my mouth to savor a bit of sex, making it look like I spit again to lubricate and not hurt her.

The situation makes me very horny and I’m trying to hold back my orgasm because I told him that when I came the straw would end.

I keep fingering myself at the same rhythm as I pump on his cock, frustrated as well as eager to put it in me, but I am true to my principles and I don’t have permission from my husband to put that cock in me, so I suck it up and continue with the double handjob.

Suddenly and without warning my pussy explodes with a squirt that puts everything lost.


Just today? noooo… having a squirt is cool, the sensation is brutal but it’s not satiating at all and on top of that it stains a lot.

– Well end, the straw is over, I’ve already come, get out of here I have to clean this up before my husband comes back. I tell him while my pussy is still dripping and throbbing with pleasure.

– If I were you I would take off those pants, you have them stained on your ass and where you sit it will get stained.

– Shit, it’s true! I take them off but don’t look.

– Of course, of course. He tells me as he holds his cock while he sits looking at me.

– Look.

I turn to look and see how she is holding her cock while she makes me a shrek cat face.

As I told you before, squirting leaves me wanting more and my principles of fidelity begin to weaken. But I protect myself that my husband has been out for a while and he must be about to enter the door.

Paco calls my husband to ask him and it turns out that he is still in line and hasn’t even ordered.

Fucking Valentine’s Day!

All the damn couples are dining out… Grrr go fuck! and don’t fuck

Okay, my last cartridge has been disassembled, now only animal instincts remain and they ask me to ride that cock.

– NO! It’s Valentine’s Day and this body belongs to my husband, what happened before didn’t count as infidelity because you haven’t touched me.

– If it counted because as you say I have not touched you ergo I would not have been unfaithful to my girl but you have touched me so you have already been unfaithful for touching another cock and cumming with her.

Shit, what a smart guy! Is right.

Okay I’ve already been unfaithful and on top of that I’m horny, fuck it, I’ll fuck him.

– Okay, I put it in, but no cumming inside you, I’m ovulating and I’d get pregnant.

-Of course.

Without further ado or stories I jump on his cock and place it at the entrance of my pussy that is still dripping, it doesn’t find the slightest obstacle to enter, it seems made to measure and my excess lubrication doesn’t help there to be some resistance.

I put her in slowly and I feel how she enters until she hits bottom, but once she’s fully inside I can’t help but ride her wildly, I don’t feel anything for Paco, it’s just sex and animal sex.

The position on this sofa allows me to go all over my pussy with his cock in each thrust and each thrust is brutal, it hasn’t even been two minutes and I’ve already come, but I don’t stop and keep going, I want more and here I am the mistress .

Suddenly I notice inside my pussy how his glans is growing and that’s a universal sign that he’s coming cum, I’m about to and I don’t want us to cum together because then I’ll be unable to get her out for the reverse gear, so I focus on my pussy and what’s inside to bring the orgasm forward.

Said and done, just thinking about the image of his cock inside me makes me climax immediately, and right then I pull it out and start jerking him off so he cums on my ass.

Mhhh, he doesn’t cum.

Well, okay, you missed the point. I put it back to go for my next orgasm. I cum again and again and again and he endures my thrusts like a wild boar without cumming.

I’m starting to get exhausted and my strength fails me, but I don’t want to give up control and let him fuck me. I know he’s silly, but it makes me feel less unfaithful to be the one running the show.

I go down to suck it to catch my breath and because desire hadn’t let me taste this well-tasted cock.

Without losing eye contact with his eyes I pull his cock out of my exhausted cunt, kneel before him and shove it into my mouth in one bite.

It tastes like pussy, it doesn’t have an iota of flavor of the cock that I tasted before when I jerked off and the precum came out.

He makes me eat a pussy and my sick mind now thinks of eating a pussy while my husband breaks me in two on all fours.


I’m not going to lose the excitement at any time? Well, as much as I’m taking it out on Paco, I’m sure that later I’ll have another sex session with my husband. It’s Valentine’s Day!

I keep licking this cock up and down and caressing his balls, but seeing that he doesn’t cum, I decide that I’m going to give myself another tribute and I’m going to cum one last time with his cock.

But this time I’m riding her from behind showing her my amazing ass of a successful MILF.

It seems that he likes this position, as soon as I put it in, his glans has become gigantic, so I have to hurry to my orgasm if I don’t want to stay horny.

I put it in, I take it out, with my rhythm and with force. I feel my orgasm coming and this is one of the strong ones that slowly travel all over your body and take time to explode in your pussy. Let’s see if I’m going to have another squirt! I think while my body doesn’t respond to my orders to stop.

I cum!

I scream without realizing it.

– Me too. He tells me the.

– You?, no, no, not yet.

I try to stop because I know he’s going to cum, but I’m at that point where even if a bomb falls next to me I can’t stop fucking.

Suddenly my orgasm explodes in my pussy, I have control of my body again and I fall in ecstasy on his chest, making his cock come out of me so he can cum in peace.

But while I kiss him I notice how something drips from inside me that is not mine.

– Did you cum inside?

– Sure, you haven’t stopped and I thought it would be a good idea.

Howoooo!! man I’m ovulating I’m going to get pregnant and he’s going to know it’s not his. I cry worried as I go to wash myself.

Suddenly whoosh! he whips me and yells at me Golfa!!.

This guy is not aware of the seriousness of what just happened, I still pick on my husband so he can hit him ?.

Now for Valentine’s Day with my husband ?



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? Curiosities:

In principle, Valentine’s Day was a video of just handjob and we were going to put the husband on stage, so that we didn’t have to explain in the video that the husband had gone out to buy dinner and blah blah blah.

But the day before we slept in and didn’t fuck, so we were both a little hot.

As you can see in the video when I ride him I’m really ovulating and when I ovulate I usually go around the corners horny, not to the point of masturbating uncontrollably, because I know that when I get home I just have to hint of fucking and before realizing he has already put it in me and I have had 3 orgasms, but some caress or squeeze of legs if it ever falls.

The fact is that we couldn’t leave him alone in straw and we ended up fucking in the video, although in the free version of xhamster and xvideos he has only stayed that part and with a hook for them to buy the full movie on xvideos red or fapstudio. (That happens to them for not seeing it on pornhub that if it is complete for free or it happens to the platforms for paying shit for the free visits to the video that I upload incomplete videos to them ??? Prr)

? Tecnical Shit:

Audio: Spanish
Quality: 4k.
Space: At home.
Effects: none.
Camera: 2 Gopro hero 9.
Script: Improvised dialogues.

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